The JBi team collaborates with building professionals throughout the construction process to ensure designs are implemented with the highest quality and attention to detail. We have assembled a team of contractors and craftspeople who believe in the importance of quality implementation as much as the JBi team. This team approach ensures that your design is carried out with the same level of attention to detail as the design itself. To ensure as smooth a construction process as possible, we provide the construction team a full set of design documents, outlining all design elements and the way in which they should be implemented (tile design, lighting plans, cabinetry, etc.). We have learned that a successful design is only as good as the attention to the smallest design detail.

More than anything, we want our clients to be satisfied with the building process. We understand that remodeling or constructing an addition or building a new home is a disruption of your family's life. The aforementioned documents and regular communication between designers and building team members creates a smooth workflow for all involved. And, if the building process runs smoothly, then you will most likely feel that the disruption is all worth it.

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