Project: Pendell kitchen remodel

Location: Sherwood
Design challenges: These clients have been waiting to remodel their kitchen for quite a while and finally decided to pull the trigger. The current kitchen is a typical kitchen about 25 to 30 years old with oak cabinetry and out of date appliances. The biggest challenge in this space is lighting. On one half of the kitchen, the ceilings are vaulted with a couple large (really large) windows and skylights also in that space. These bring in tons of natural light during the daytime, but also add considerable darkness at night. The other half of the kitchen has a relatively low ceiling and not near enough lighting to compensate.
The solution is the bring the vaulted ceiling down a little by installing beams across this area that mimic the beams in other parts of the house. Lights (pointing down and up) will be installed in the beams to add much needed light to this half of the kitchen. On the "low" half of the kitchen, 4" recessed lights will be installed throughout the area to distribute the light evenly - no more glaring 6" cans just inches from your head.
The pictures shown hear are some before shots along with a rendering of the beams. It's clear that the new design will help balance out the two halves of the kitchen while adding an architectural detail that is also functional.
Currently, the kitchen has been gutted and necessary services (electrical, plumbing) are being moved.
Before pictures:

Next installment: Materials selection