One of the hallmarks of good interior design is the details are thought out and executed equally as well. It is often the details that make or break a project. What's more important is that a "detail" doesn't have to be something small, but can be the large, architectural features or junction points. The JBi motto has always been that if the details are done right, you shouldn't notice them - it should just all feel right.

On today's blog, we're focusing on details in wood. In the realm of materials, wood has a special place in our hearts. It's strong, but can be carved into delicate, flowery shapes. It's natural and bring a certain warmth to a space not possible with other materials. Wood is..well, wood and we treat it with the respect it deserves. It's not just flooring or cabinetry or baseboard or a mantle, but can be so much more. This entry is about ideas - different ways to use wood to great effect.

Waterfall bar counter top and custom light fixture over island. Two beautiful uses of wood in this contemporary kitchen.

Warm wood tones great every visitor as they enter this metal building.

The continuity of the siding into the kitchen walls and how it wraps the lower cabinetry - pure genius!

Use of three types of wood for a beautiful combination. All three have some connection to the others - color, texture or age.

If you're going to do it, go all out! This new "manor" has all the details it should to reflect a bygone era of grand homes.

Use of two forms of the same wood - one rustic and one more refined (from the JBi project list).

As you can see, there is something so special about the use of wood in our interior spaces. It can be traditional, contemporary or something in between. How have you used wood in your home to make it special?

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