JASON BALL interiors has designed nearly 40 bathrooms since it's inception. That's a lot of sinks and toilets! Bathroom design is mostly about function, and bathroom lighting design is all about ensuring the bathroom is functional in all it's various uses. When starting a bathroom lighting plan, we ask our clients a broad set of questions. How do you use the space each day? How many people in the bathroom at a time? What level of privacy is important? What type of lighting is important to you? And so on.  Similar to kitchen design, good lighting in a bathroom is critical to a design's success. We take into account the basic functions - showering, etc. - as well as the more detailed personal grooming tasks. One bathroom design element I've been using lately is the place the vanity lights in the mirror field - either on the mirror or as pendants in front of the mirror. This helps reflect light back into the room and properly "throws" light onto the face (especially important for make-up application). The other light sources are placed in strategic locations depending on the function of the space. Even in a smaller bathroom, having more lights is always better. Here is a the plan for a smaller master bathroom currently in construction.  The colored dots show the three distinct light zones. You can see they are spaced out and provide light for very specific functions. For further flexibility, dimmer switches are used throughout.

Portland interior designer shows lighting plan for small bathroom project

A great example of how to properly place pendants in front of a mirror.

Portland interior designer provides good example of pendant lights in bathroom design

Sconces installed on the mirror face. Notice the small recessed lights above the vanity as an additional light source.

Using recessed lights in bathroom design

In a project by JASON BALL interiors, we designed pendant lights and installed them along side the vanity mirrors. A recessed light was placed directly above the sink to provide additional light.

Portland interior designer uses pendants and chandelier in bathroom remodel

Careful consideration is taken in each space to ensure the amount and level of light is just right for the clients' needs. Working with an experienced interior designer guarantees the lighting design will take all uses of the space into consideration. Feel free to contact JASON BALL interiors to get started designing your perfect master bathroom.

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