You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times - we love Before & After pictures. It gives interior designers an opportunity to show everyone what's possible in a space. This project is no exception - we implemented some huge changes in this kitchen and here's the story behind everything.

The Story. A wonderful couple approached JASON BALL interiors to help with a significant remodel of their custom home. Having built the home, raised a family, the couple is enjoying retired life far removed the bustling city (although they also love the city and get into Portland every chance they get). At the end of a long road, with views of the surrounding hills, the home's setting makes it worth fixing it up for the next chapter in their lives. While this entry focuses on the kitchen, we also completely finished out the basement with a large multi-use room (family room, workout area, bar, game table, wine storage), and completed the guest bathroom and bedroom. All in all, this was a huge project that resulted in some dramatic changes to the home (see the full project here).

As you can see from the before picture below, the home clearly reflects the style of the day in the 1990s. White tile counters, light wood cabinetry, an inefficient walk-in pantry, an electric cooktop in the island with nearly non-funtional downdraft vent system and so on. 





The design idea behind these changes were all to alter the layout of the kitchen to improve the way the kitchen functions. By taking out the walk-in pantry and replacing it with cabinetry, we improved the efficiency of that part of the kitchen. We were also able to put all food storage in one location (cold and dry storage together makes perfect sense). Having the cooktop in the island is almost always the least efficient location. For an ex professional chef and an avid home cook, the need for a high quality cooking appliance and proper ventilation was paramount for the remodel. The old location of the refrigerator created a block in the flow of the space and acted like a wall. There was no natural flow from the kitchen to the nearby eating area.

And now for the big reveal!


Not only does the kitchen look larger because of the refrigerator move, but now this space is perfect for cooking, entertaining and is stylish to boot. We focused on designing and creating a French-inspired space. Marble counters and backsplash, a beautiful warm gray painted cabinetry and sandblasted white oak island and shelving bring new life to this kitchen. Because of their of antiques, I designed an island that had some age built into it and felt like a piece of furniture. Three stainless steel modern stools provide an interesting juxtaposition. Here are some additional shots of the space to show off the details.


I hope this has inspired you to look at your own space and evaluate it for improvements you might make in the flow and function. And, while we're at it, let's make it a spectacular space!

ABOUT JASON BALL interiors. Jason is an interior designer based in Portland, Oregon serving residential and commercial clients throughout Oregon and Washington and beyond. To see examples of his design work, visit the Portfolio page. For an evaluation of your upcoming projects, contact Jason Ball at (503) 267-2352 or via e-mail at