We all love the Before & After pics of projects. They show what is possible with a space. The story of this one is simple. A couple with school-aged children contacting JASON BALL interiors to update their new home - what they are considering their dream home. The project included completely remodeling the kitchen, opening up a wall between the kitchen and family room for a great room feel, redoing a fireplace in the family room, and new furniture in the living and dining rooms. Because the home is more traditional in nature, we wanted to keep the large brush strokes also more traditional. Contemporary touches were brought in through wall coverings, lighting, fabrics and accessories. The resulting design aesthetic is a perfect marriage of the two styles. Living room - As you can see from the "before" picture, there is nothing structurally wrong with the living room. All it really needed was a fresh coat of paint and new furnishings. The JBi team brought in a nice mix of transitional and contemporary styles for a more collected feel. Accessories range from Phoenician glass pieces to found architectural objects. The mix adds age where appropriate. Fabrics used throughout are neutral based but with bold patterns and textures. The two chairs have an elegant gate work fabric for the outside of the pieces with a mink-colored velvet on the inside for true comfort. A couple of contemporary lights flank the seating area and fireplace.



Dining room - While the "before" picture is set up for staging the home, it is again clear that there is nothing inherently wrong with the space. The JBi designers presented to the clients a bold wall covering for added drama in the space. The black, silver and taupe wall covering from Wolf-Gordon added the necessary drama and provided a perfect backdrop to the clients' colorful art trio. The overall styling is clean, simple and again focuses on the broad strokes of color and texture. An antique granite trough on the table brings in a hard stone element to balance out the softness of the space. There's one small detail to make note of. If you look carefully in the doorway that leads to the kitchen, you'll see another door. That small half-bath was directly off the dining room (a very awkward location). To help improve the flow of the spaces, we converted the bathroom to a wine closet, with access from the kitchen. We also changed the door leading into the kitchen to just an opening with the appropriate millwork to fit the rest of the home.



Kitchen - More so than the other rooms, the kitchen of this home had some more serious deficiencies. The layout of the kitchen cut it off from the rest of the room and felt under-sized given the home's grandness. The design team focused on two main elements: flow and style. We wanted to the space to feel contemporary, but with an old-world aesthetic. A beautifully set herringbone floor, traditional backsplash pattern and "stucco" treatment on the range hood canopy all add to the design. By opening up the space, we were able to bring in a nice-sized kitchen table for family meals. Besides the flow within the room, we also opened up the space between the kitchen and the adjoining family room. This small architectural change creates more of a "great room" feel, but without completely changing the traditional flow of the home.





More than anything, these clients wanted their new home to be a reflection of their personal styles, molded by international travel and importance of family, while respecting the traditional nature of the home. Goal accomplished!

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