While interior designers have this driving need (especially when given the opportunity) to rip everything out and replace it all with new, cool products, it's not always possible or even necessary. A few years ago, we were approached by a woman who lives part time in Oregon and part time in Arizona. Her condo in the Charbonneau district was out of date and in need of a serious facelift. Our approach was simple. Keep the existing layout, paint the cabinetry, install new cabinet hardware and update the surfaces. We also made one minor structural change and took out the fluorescent ceiling panels allowing for a "tray" ceiling of sorts. This small change gave some much needed height to the room. In a time when homeowners are nesting by updating their current homes, this is a great solution to getting something at least close to your desired aesthetic without breaking the bank. When the time comes, give JBi a call and we'll help you through the process.

Portland interior designers remodel small kitchen

kitchen remodel by interior designers in Portland of small kitchen

After: Detail picture of new materials and updated look

Detail picture of tile backsplash