Occasionally we are presented with a project that we can't just wait to sink our teeth into. It's kind of what interior designers live for. Even though JASON BALL interiors completed this project a while ago, it's worth revisiting just to show the before and after pictures. The changes we made in this dated 1950s kitchen are pretty dramatic. What was really interesting for us was that we worked with a kitchen designer on the cabinetry portion, while JBi handled the finishes, lighting, fixtures, layout, etc. It's a different model than we're used to, but the finished product reveals what can happen as a result of solid collaboration. In the before picture, you'll see we started with a small (ish) kitchen with a dark wood ceiling, Formica counters, poor appliance placement and insufficient lighting. In talking with our clients on what they wanted from the new kitchen, we focused on lighting (obviously), a better flow throughout the kitchen, professional-quality appliances and storage galore. Because the family has young, active children, we also focused on an open floor plan with durable materials. Here are our top priorities in making this kitchen a real show-stopper.

Portland interior designers design and remodel a 1950s kitchen

1. Lighting. The old kitchen had two ceiling mounted fixtures, a light above the sink and a florescent tube light as an under-cabinet light. After we painted the ceiling white, took away the fake beams, we added about 10 more 4" recessed lights throughout the space. We also added xenon under-cabinet lights as task lighting. The result is a lighting plan set up for flexibility and the way the family lives.

2. Storage. In designing the cabinetry, we focused on creating several  specific storage area with particular functions. By the microwave (far end of the kitchen), we included an appliance garage to hide away the toaster, coffee maker, etc. To the left of the range we added a built-in buffet area with storage baskets below. These are specifically for kid-related items that need to be grabbed quickly and frequently. If you look at the picture below, you also see a large built-in refrigerator and large pantry on the far end of the kitchen. Two important storage features necessary in this family-friendly space.

3. Timeless style. In selecting cabinet style, materials and colors, we aimed for a rather timeless aesthetic that will serve this family for years to come. It was important that we create something with a transitional feel that would flow to the other parts of the home. Cabinetry with simple and elegant details, a monochromatic backsplash which focuses on pattern and design, and a bright, clean counter top cap off the look.

4. Fit for entertaining. The couple loves to entertain. The open floor plan is not only great for the kids, but also perfect for large crowds. As you can see below, we also included an entire bar area right by the kitchen. This auxiliary area has it's own beverage/wine refrigerator and a style that flows with the rest of the kitchen.  You'll also notice in the picture below the indoor grill. This original feature was one of the elements we decided to maintain from the original design.

Portland interior designers create a kitchen fit for entertaining

So, how would you change your existing space to fit your lifestyle?

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