With the huge number of houses built in the 1990s built throughout Portland, there are a glut of houses ready to be remodeled, particularly the master bathrooms. As was popular in that era in home building, bright brass was used everywhere. When these clients approached JASON BALL interiors, they had already updated the rest of their home but weren't sure how to tackle the master bathroom. As the design team began to understand the clients' aesthetics, it became clear they wanted a bathroom with an elegant feel, but not out of place in the rest of the home. We focused on the broad brush strokes of color, texture and pattern. The "stone" floor is paired with a refined herringbone tile. By taking out the large built-in (and barely used) jetted tub, we increased the feeling of space, put in some additional storage and wrapped a wall around the back of the tub, also covered in the herringbone tile, to define the space. Since the existing cabinetry functioned just fine, we decided to keep it, but applied a deep true black paint for some added drama. Sconces and mirrors were placed on top of the tiled wall. A soothing sea-glass blue tone on the wall and elegant embroidered fabric valances complete the look. Not a bad way to start and end each day.

lorraine- master-bathroom-remodel-1

lorraine- master-bathroom-remodel-2

After: Tile detail in the shower

Designing a master bathroom is about creating a retreat from the day. It's about soothing tones, rich materials and subtle textures. Lighting should be flexible - bright enough for daily tasks and able to be dimmed for restful soaks in the bathtub. What do you want your master bathroom to feel like? What do you want it to say about the way you live?

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