One of the many joys of being an interior designer is the opportunity to design and create custom lighting. Lighting plays an incredibly important role in any space by enhancing not only function, but also bringing drama and ambience. In this master bathroom and closet remodel, my clients asked me to design custom lighting for the vanity (pendant lights) and a chandelier for above the pedestal tub. Pictures below show the full design process, from concept to installed final product. I am thankful for each opportunity to design something special for my clients - I love these lights! I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful local artisans on this project. Vitreluxe Glass Works made all the glass components ( Namuh Design ( was responsible for all the wood components of the fixtures and the overall structure and engineering. Thank you to these two companies for their great work (as always).
Concept drawing. Piece was inspired by several other fixtures clients had seen and really liked. Using these fixtures as a starting point, we incorporated colors, materials and shapes from the rest of the project.
A life-size mock-up of the chandelier so we could get all the proportions just right. Also allowed clients to see the volume.
The wood drum shade (and wood component for the pendant lights) freshly stained.
The glass discs and chain (all sterling silver).
Final installed fixture

Looking up at the bottom of the fixture. The piece holding the glass strands are cufflinks. A necessary solution to a problem.

Another picture of the fixture in the space showing the relationship between the glass tile column, glass and fixture. Pure heaven!

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