My wife, Julie (for those of you who don't know her), recently made a trip to Timberline Lodge. I just happened to be at Highpoint International Furniture Market at the time - so how very fitting. Timberline is a national monument built in the 1930s as part of the effort to put Americans back to work after the Great Depression. The lodge is located about 60 miles from Portland, Oregon on the picturesque Mt. Hood. This blog entry is not about the lodge, however, but about creating moments in your interior design. Now, my wife is not in the design business, but the composition and meaning behind this photo she snapped with her iPhone really hit me. When Julie showed me this photo it immediately struck home that the designers of Timberline were genius in creating a small, intimate "moment" within this huge, cavernous lodge. Julie simply snapped this picture to remind her of the special day she had on the mountain.

By "moments," I specifically mean a special, private place in which you can take a breather from the day's hectic schedule. A moment might be a sitting area within the master bedroom, a window seat on a stair landing or maybe a secluded area within a garden. I hope we all have at least one "moment" in our homes as a respite from the busy world in which we live. I'd love to hear about your moment.