As a kitchen designer, I am always looking for ways to make these spaces more unique and special. The possible combinations of counter top material, cabinetry style and color, plumbing fixture finishes, appliance shapes and sizes, and backsplash designs and materials is nearly endless. It is the responsibility of the professional designer to come up with a look that is specific to each client.

In the realm of kitchen design, I can easily posit that there is no single feature more important than the kitchen island. While the kitchen is now considered the heart of the home, the island is often the heart of the kitchen. It is the main gathering place when entertaining, the best vantage point to watch the local "chefs" and a prime homework spot. But, how do we (your designers) take this single piece and make it into the crown jewel of the kitchen?

This is where we get to be creative and think outside the box. JBi has been working on a kitchen for the past few months for a couple who likes to entertain. In designing the island, we wanted something that provided seating, storage, style and acted as the center of the kitchen. This post is all about inspiration for designing your perfect island. Enjoy!

▲ I love how the table top part of the island seems to collide with the work surface.

▲ The rustic, industrial nature of this rolling island is a perfect counterpoint to the contemporary kitchen in which it sits.

▲ An engineering marvel! This cantilevered table hangs off the island for a most dramatic look.

▲ Even in a traditional kitchen, there are ways to use materials and shapes in innovative ways.

▲ In this studio kitchen, the island is only used for seating. The raw edges of the wood and white-washed post are interesting features in this urban setting.

I hope these pictures give you ideas and inspiration for your next kitchen project. Even if you just want to update your island, these are sure to get you thinking about the possibilities. And, when you're ready to get started on your next kitchen project, give JASON BALL interiors a call. We'll help create your perfect space.