My wife and I recently lost one of our Chihuahuas, Lady Bug. It was unexpected because she was only 9 1/2 years old. If you're like us, then your pets are treasured family members, and you do your best in taking care of them and keeping them healthy.

We have our pets for so little time and yet they make an impression on our lives in such significant ways. So, the whole event got me thinking - what are some interesting and creative ways we can honor our departed pets? How do we incorporate the memories of them into our interior designs?

If you've wanted to do this or might do it in the future, here are some great ways to keep the memories alive in elegant and respectful ways.

Pet Portraits. Whether a painting or photograph, capture an iconic position or facial expression to remember for always.

Create a memorial as art. Whether a life-like representation or not, having a sculpture around is a nice way to remember your pet. We have multiple Whippet statues around our home that remind us of Crystal and Murphy, our two Whippets gone for a few years now. 

I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to incorporate your pet memories into your home in an elegant, tasteful way. I admit this topic is a little strange for an interior design blog, but why not? Isn't good design all about creating an environment that is comfortable and  reflects you?

And because we miss her terribly, here's our sweet Lady Bug.