Bookshelves and books present a great opportunity for interior designers to use color, texture, pattern with a single set of objects. Whether decorating a bookshelf or using books in some other form, there are many ways in which books can be used to add a personal touch to a space. I've collected some pictures of innovative and cool ways books are used.

A large collection of books that wrap around the entire room, above a door and on and on. By filling an entire wall with books, it adds a dynamic and random pattern of color and texture.

A perfect little reading spot. Some good light and a stack of books make for a nice relaxing afternoon.

A litte more formal arrangement in a small range of colors. Very soft, yet interesting.

If you look closely, you'll notice the books are grouped by color. I've seen this multiple times and use the idea in my own home. I love how it creates a larger-scale pattern with color blocking.

What are some interesting ways in which you've decorating with books in your home?