Well, Happy Memorial Day everyone! It's a wonderful day to remember those who died while serving our country and protecting our freedoms. All over the country, families and friends will be gathering for BBQs and great get-togethers. And we all proudly display our country's flag, let the red, white and blue shine brightly. These colors are so iconic for our country that it crossed my mind how one might decorate their home in red, white and blue, but without going all Americana. By the way, did you know there are 11 countries whose flags are comprised of only these three colors and around 80 who have these colors as major portions of them. But, as an interior designer would do, how can we use these colors in our homes in ways that don't scream "hey look, it's the 4th of July in my house!!" So, I began the hunt for elegant and tasteful uses of red, white and blue.

Would you ever decorate a room in your house in these colors?

Room by Horchow

This contemporary kitchen is given an All-American look with blue and red lacquered cabinetry.

Design by Michael Chen Architecture

What is mostly a white and red family room with small splashes of blue and white on the chair, ottoman and planter on the coffee table. A tasteful proportion of each color.

Design by Billy Beson Company

Clean uses of our three colors in the perfect balance. Red upholstered bed, simple blue and white bed linens and soft striped shades as an accent.

Design by Muse Interiors

In this incredibly luxe living room, a high gloss navy blue is used on all the walls and ceiling adding immediate depth to the room. Red leather stools and a navy/red area rug, combined with crisp white trim finish the look.

Design by Avissa Majtahedi Architecture and Design

If the idea of traditional red, white and blue is a little too scary, tweak one of the colors just a bit for a new combination. This teal blue is a perfect substitution and pairs well with red and white for a classic combination.

The Upward Bound House by Elizabeth Bomberger

I hope these inspiration pictures get you thinking about using red, white and blue in your home. Enjoy the day!

Happy Memorial Day!