Think about your kitchen, filled with stone, tile, wood, metal. It's not really a very "warm" area. Interior designers work hard to make these naturally "cold" environments warmer by using wood tones, warm paint colors, fabric window treatments or other accessories. But, what about the sparkle? Where's the bling?! This is where kitchen design gets fun. Think of all the ways you can bring in something sparkly or shiny into a kitchen. Here are our top ways to bring in a little shimmer to our kitchen designs:

1) Don't be afraid to hang a chandelier in your kitchen. This is a perfect opportunity to add elegance and additional light, while adding necessary sparkly details. These two kitchens use chandeliers in very different ways. Garrison Hullinger Interior Designs (top picture) brought in a beautifully detailed glass chandelier with subtle crystal accents to top off this traditional and eclectic kitchen remodel. It's subtle, elegant and adds just enough bling for this space. The second picture is a totally different story. Aneka D. Jensen uses a traditional chandelier loaded with crystals above her island to make a dramatic statement.


2) Metallic paint or wall coverings provide great opportunities for additional reflective surfaces. Many of the higher-end paint manufacturers (Benjamin Moore and Ralph Lauren) are making great metallic or pearlescent paints. These add a subtle sheen to the walls different than a semi-gloss finish. Wall coverings have also come back in a big way. These three Phillip Jeffries products have some serious shimmer to dress up any wall. From right to left: Antique gold leaf, Sugar Cane (glass beads) and Star Dust silk in moonlight silver.

3) If you're really daring, consider some of the granites or other countertop options that have the sparkle built right in. Two granite alternatives come to mind - schist stone and vetrazzo. Schist is a natural stone with high mica content. One particular color we've been attracted to recently is called Asterix (can be found at Pental Granite and Marble). It has sparkly dust particles all the way through the stone. When the light hits it just right, it's amazing! Vetrazzo is an old material getting a new life in today's interior design world. It's a concrete-like base material with recycled glass mixed in. Once cut and polished, the glass comes to surface and shines like nothing you've ever seen.

4) We've often considered cabinet hardware the jewelry of the kitchen. With the recent trend of using brushed nickel or other brushed finishes, designers and home owners are missing an opportunity to add some real bling. I'm not talking about crystals or jewels, but just a simple chrome knob or polished nickel handle can really brighten things up. Just look at the difference in the two pictures below at how the light hits the finishes differently. You can see how a polished surface really brings attention to itself. Time to start using these more and more.

The team at Jason Ball Interiors hopes you get some inspiration from these ideas to add a little shine to your next design project or just to refresh an existing room. For more ideas, stop by our portfolio pages to see other real-world examples.