For most homeowners, interior design terminology is a completely different language. Like Latin or Chinese, the terms interior designers use every day have a purpose to help us differentiate between different functions, looks, styles. Like sofa versus couch (which are two very different pieces of furniture), the difference between curtains and drapery are a mystery to most.

Well, let's clear up the confusion once and for all! While both types of window treatments are made from fabric and hang from a rod of some sort, the clearest difference between the two types of window treatments is the lining - curtains are most commonly a lighter, unlined fabric while drapery is lined and usually made from a heavier fabric.

So now some beautiful examples for us to make it all clear and plus we really like pretty things!

Especially in high rise condos, drapery make a perfect way to filter light and provide privacy from neighbors.

This stunning living room is only enhanced by the soft filtering of light through the curtains. The sheer fabric also allows the shape of the windows to peer through.

The curtain panels in this dining room blur the lines of what we typically call curtains. The cut out details provide an interesting texture and pattern to the fabric, but are still sheer enough to softly filter light.

The combination of drapery and curtains provides a perfect opportunity to not only layer textures but also use the different sheerness levels of the fabric to either filter or block light. This stunning living room by designer Michael Abrams shows how to use drapery and curtains to great effect.

The drapery in this room again shows how important lining is blocking light from the outside.

And there you have it. A simple tutorial on curtains versus drapery. When you want to change out you window treatments, make sure to let me know if you want drapery or curtains. What are some other terms we should clarify? Let me know and I'll do the research.