Interior designers are given the honorable responsibility of working with individuals to take an existing space, develop a new design for that space and then implement the design. For the designers at JASON BALL interiors, we work very diligently on getting the lighting just right for each and every space. For us, light creates mood, atmosphere, formality (and informality) and is used to highlight the beauty in all other design elements in the space. Understanding light is like understanding the universe - it can take years to truly learn how to work with light. In my studies to further my personal understanding of light, I came across this video showing an installation at an art center called Storm King (learn more here) in the Hudson Valley in New York state. Solarium (2012) by William Lamson is basically an experimental greenhouse. The idea behind the installation is simple - create a glass paneled house in a field made up of a different shades of amber, orange and red. As art, the house is all about colors, environment, and the function of a space throughout the changing seasons. The greenhouse opens up completely during the summer for temperature regulation and can be closed in the winter for a completely different experience. Take a few minutes to watch the video showing the creation of the panels and construction of the house.

interior designers in portland talk about glass house art installation

Portland interior designer shows glass house picture

How is the light in your home? Does it do everything you need it to?


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