What's the old saying, "Real mean wear pink" or something like that, right? For interior designers, pink is one of those colors that is reserved for only certain areas of the home. I think it's time we bring pink back into the our main color lexicon and make it okay to use it in any room. Obviously, the key is to get the right shade of pink. We're not talking about the girly kink of pink, but a deep, rich tone. It might be more like magenta or fuchsia for a lively interior environment, or maybe a blush color for something more sophisticated. Are you daring enough to use pink in a main living space in your home? In case you are, here are some inspiration pictures and tips for working with pink in your home. Portland interior designer shows how to use pink in a living space

Mix pink with chocolate brown for a classic combination. There is something about the combination of chocolate and pink (any shade) that has a real classic appeal. It must be the pairing of a masculine color with a feminine color to play off each other and provide balance for one another. In the first room, (by Gene Lawrence & Co.), the inclusion of a blush velvet chair in the beautifully appointment library adds just the right amount of a feminine touch. In the room by Tewes Design, pairing of chocolate brown with pink takes on a different aesthetic because the pairing happens in a more contemporary, industrial setting. The bubble gum pink chandelier anchors the seating area in a dramatically simple way.

interior designer in Portland talks about using pink

mixing pink with chocolate browns in an industrial loft

Bring in multiple shades of pink for a harmonious palette. Color wheel theory says that if you use colors next to each other on the color wheel (these are called analogous colors), the impact of an individual color is minimized. By bringing in multiple shades of pink (some lighter and some darker), the impact of each shade is lessened. In the first room (by Liz Levin Interiors) mixing pink with red softens the "pink-ness." The maroon tone in the wall paper also plays a role in allowing the pink to work with the overall scheme. In Tobi Fairley's room below, the multiple shades of pinks presented in patterns creates a harmonious color palette for a sophisticated look.

Portland interior designers show how to use pink in living areas

Portland, interior designers, brining in multiple shades of pink

Mix with other bright colors. Different than the above examples, the other spectrum is to pair your favorite shade of pink with an equally bright shade of some other color to create a lively and shocking combination. Paired with royal blue or bright yellow, pink takes on a life of it's own, yet compliments the overall design scheme.

interior design incorporating magenta and royal blue

interior designers, Portland, mixing bright yellow and bright pink with industrial elements

So, the real question now is are you willing to try pink in your living space? If not yet, maybe sometime in the future we can all be comfortable using this color in our homes in other rooms than a little girl's room. When you're ready to try it, give us a call and we'll take the journey together.

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