Wallcovering Schumacher Morocco Antique Gold

It's not all the time a client comes to the interior designers at JASON BALL interiors and ask us to create a Moroccan cigar lounge. Well, that's exactly what happened and thus begins the enviable task of learning all about Moroccan style. In our search for room examples that would fit our design goal, we came up with a few main characteristics that had to be included in our Moroccan inspired space. Pattern, pattern and more pattern. We certainly noticed that Moroccan themed rooms were all about pattern. You'd see big patterns mixed with small patterns, swirly patterns mixed with geometric patterns, and colorful patterns mixed with monochromatic patterns. This layering helps these rooms feel as if they design elements have been collected over years of travels.


Color for as far as the eye can see. I've heard this from other clients from arid regions of the world, that Americans surround themselves with drab colors. So, we began looking at global styles and these clients had a point. Other cultures are so much more likely to layers color upon color in the same space. This room has 4 or 5 main colors as part of it's scheme. A little expertise in combining all those colors and you get one beautiful room.


Age, beyond it's years. There is something about being in a space that has a feeling of history. With some careful consideration to the materials, colors and patterns, even a new Moroccan-inspired room can feel as if it's been there for years.


We've used a little bit of each of these elements to create a space with a distinctly Moroccan feel, but fit for today's lifestyle. We can't wait to see how it all comes out.