We all know that interior designers like to make a statement in a room. Whether a really cool light fixture or a one-of-a-kind furniture piece, having that one element in a room is sometimes what pushing design right to the top. In designing a space, we are constantly on the lookout for interesting ways to push the envelope in ways that create a more interesting room scape, but also test our clients' boundaries. The JBi team has always felt that great design should stir an emotion, cause a visceral reaction and that most often happens when the boundaries are tested. Last week, we talked about creating the perfect basement bar. This post is an extension, of sorts. One of our current projects is to create a basement bar reminiscent of a nightclub in Rome. We're using a perfect combination of old (reclaimed wood) and contemporary (sleek walnut cabinetry), and different materials (antiqued mirror, marble counter tops, etc.). In working in this particular environment though, we wanted to help bring the right feeling into the space from the moment a guest arrives. So, enter the mural!

Murals are a way to immediately make an impact, a large impact, in a space, add depth, color, pattern or some type of theme to a room. A mural doesn't always have to be painting, but can be something more graphic, like a large flower or the like. In designing the basement bar, we looked for the right size, feeling, subject matter for the mural. We landed on a grainy black and white photo of old Rome. Here are some other inspirations to get you started on using a mural in your space.

Design by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Design by Robin Baron Design

Design by Crisp Architects

Design by SVOYA studio

Design by DKOR Interiors Inc.

What type of mural would you want in your space? And, in what space would you most likely use a mural? I love the idea of a mural in a small room to change the perception of distance. Let's see what you come up with!