beard tile detail

We make no bones about - JBi loves tile! The interior designers at JASON BALL interiors have designed nearly 100 kitchens and bathrooms. That's a lot of tile. There is something about the unforgiving nature of tile and the challenge of designing within certain confines. The trick with tile is to use it in such a way that you take the "hardness" and "coldness" out of it. With so many design options in the tile world from hand-crafted looks to super contemporary shapes and textures, there are nearly endless combinations. This blog entry is about tile that takes "it" to the next level and the inspiration for your own spaces. Tile can provide a space a punch of color and pattern not really possible with any other material. A modern white kitchen is paired with trapezoidal shaped glass tiles for a mid-century inspired space. The clean lines of the cabinetry and a perfect juxtaposition against the angles in the tile.

Tile that looks like wood gives us so many more options on where to use it. Here a shower gets the wood treatment without the necessary maintenance. This is a great way to bring warmth to a space that only wood can provide.

Using tile in an unexpected way gives interest and a "wow" factor to a space. Beautiful damask tile is used to face the back of cabinetry. It adds texture and color to what would otherwise be a forgotten design opportunity.

Why not use tile as a feature or accent wall, much like we would use paint. This clean and contemporary bathroom does just that. The large-scale glass tiles in shades of blue add some interest to a wall that you almost forget it's a wall. The sense of openness and environment flow into the space, all from a little bit of just the right colors.

The options are nearly endless with tile. What are some ways in which you've used tile for great impact?


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