The interior designers at JBi are currently working on the design and decoration of a new home in West Linn, Oregon. As with any design project, we begin with a particular part of the design to help lead the process. In other projects, it might be that a piece of existing furniture or light fixture or piece of artwork. In this case, however, we're starting with the main architectural features, specifically the arches throughout the home. So, this gave us an opportunity to learn about all the various types of arches we could work with in the design. While there are numerous types of arches, they can all generally be categorized into the following main categories - round-headed (Roman, Syrian) - #1 and #2; flat or straight - #13; Gothic - #7, #8, #9; Tudor - #12; and Moorish - #5, #6. All arches are some variation on these main types.

Various Types of Arches

Round-headed: Both the Roman and Syrian arches are defined as having a semi-circle top portion. The main difference between the two types is how they're constructed. Roman arches (probably the most common type) is a semi-circle that rests on top of two posts or columns, whereas the Syrian is comprised of segments of stone all the way around the arch.

Design by Summerour Architects

Design by Vanguard Studios Inc.

Gothic arches are characterized by a higher crest and a point in the middle of the arch. Take a tour of cathedrals across Europe and you'll see an abundance of Gothic arches. I absolutely love the modern interpretation of the second picture.

Design by Tuthill Architecture

Design by Murphy and Company Design

Tudor style, often called a flattened gothic arch may or may not have a point in the middle. Defining characteristic is the eased curve from the vertical sides to the arched section.

Design by JASON BALL interiors

Moorish arches are wildly different than the other types. It's easy to notice this type of arch. The "legs" of the arch are closer together than the width of the actual arch portion.

Photo by Ken Hayden

Which one of these is your favorite arch type? I'm a little impartial to the Gothic or Tudor styles.

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