My wife, Julie, was visiting her mother the other day to pick blackberries with her siblings and their children. This event is somewhat of a tradition, with the family getting together to pick black berries off the vine in Julie's childhood backyard before they go to seed. Susie (mother-in-law) had recently uncovered her own 5th grade scrapbook that had been buried in the far recesses of the garage and wanted Julie to share it with me. Apparently Susie had wanted to be an interior designer at the age of 10. She had collected pages and pages of pictures of kitchens, bathrooms (for which she had a particular penchant) and other decor from the era. Several years ago when I first started JASON BALL interiors, I read a story about a famous designer talking about his passion for interior design. In looking back at his childhood, he realized that he was always interested in design at some level. My story is very similar (read my story here). I can only imagine how Susie would have developed as an interior designer given her interest at so young an age.

I wanted to share some pages from her scrapbook to show some wonderful examples of designs from this time in our design history. In a post WWII world, designs were about color and pattern. People wanted to live in interiors that reflected their hope for the future and respect for the past. The boldness with which the design world approached the use of color is refreshing.

portland interior designers - 1950s kitchen and bathroom

portland interior designers - colorful bathroom designs

portland interior designers - kitchen designs

portland interior designers - living spaces

portland interior designers - 1950s interiors

portland interior designers - living spaces from the 1950s


Which of these rooms is your favorite? Mine is the white kitchen in the third picture - I love that stainless steel counter top. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever go back to bath fixtures like these.

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