A trip to High Point Furniture Market for an interior designer is pure heaven! We get to see great new products, meet up with our trusted reps and gather new vendors from which to select products for our clients. The last blog entry focused on the new gold we're seeing in finishes and fabrics. The other big trend is a return to color. We're not talking about a few subtle shades, but big and bold jewel tones. By combining the jewel tones with softer versions of themselves or neutrals, the bold colors become a real sophisticated design element, rather than just a use of color for design's sake. Compared to Market last April, the color stories have been turned up and that's exciting!

We're seeing color show up in many different incarnations - painted case goods, fabrics, lighting, accessories. Here are some of our favorite example of this bright and bold use of color.







So, which color will you want to use in your next project? We'd love to hear your ideas!