One of the biggest joys in the life of an interior designer is install day! It's the day when we finally get to see our vision come to life. After weeks of planning, designing, ordering and then months of waiting, the furniture, lighting and accessories are delivered on one day (thanks Lion's Pride). The story of this project is simple. Young couple expecting twins (and their first children) purchase a new home and want to start over with all new furniture, updates in the kitchen surfaces and some fireplace remodeling. The interior design is clean, contemporary and comfortable. And, in traditional JBi style, we have some really special moments planned for the space. More to come on those as they continue to develop. The two design boards below show the overall scheme - luxurious, durable fabrics, rich surfaces and unique lighting/accessories for a beautiful interior.

On "install day," it's all about managing the chaos and getting everything in it's place. JASON BALL interiors works with Lion's Pride delivery service because they are simply the best in town. Each piece of furniture is carefully wrapped and stored after being received at their warehouse, just waiting to get to it's final destination. As each piece comes in from the truck, it's carefully unwrapped, inspected one more time and then placed in position.

Occasionally, we get to really personalize a space beyond just selecting furniture or fabrics the clients love. In this case, the wife is from Vietnam and we worked with a local muralist to paint a Vietnamese coastal scene behind the master bed. Clear glass nightstand lights, cream leather headboard complete the contemporary look.

Once the day ends, we're all exhausted, but pleased with the way it has all come together. Next step is finalizing the accessories and other little details. More to come...

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