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First off, excuse the poor grammar. The title of this post should be "A Hallway in Which You Would Want to Stay," but that's just too long. Now to it. The hallway is one of those elements of our homes that has a singular purpose - connect this room to that (or those) room(s). Consider the last time you used your hallway. Did you walk through the space and think "Wow, I really love the design of this hall" or "I think I want to hang out for a while in my hall"? Probably not, but that's okay. We often forget the importance of a hallway and take advantage of it from an interior design perspective. Your hallway can be so much more than just a hallway. It can be a library, an art gallery, a creative space, a home office and so much more. Think about the hallway in your home. What does it do for you other than help you get from one room to another? Well, let's give it a greater purpose, something to do beyond passage.

Hallway as Library. Of all the areas in your home that might be designed as a library, the hall is the most natural selection. Floor to ceiling bookshelves the length of a hallway makes for an impressive collection. Use other accessories to break up the structured nature of rows and rows of books. If you have extra width, consider building in a large bench to carve out a well-placed reading nook.

This cozy reading nook carved out of the hallway would be a perfect place to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea on a winter's day.

Hallway as Art Gallery. As an architectural feature, the hallway is typically the longest single span of wall in today's homes. The two examples of hallway art galleries below show two possible options. The first incorporates other architectural design elements of beams and shelves (with perfect lighting) to real highlight this homeowner's sculpture and paintings. In the second picture, a long hall with uninterrupted wall space shows off a collection of photographs. The lighting and overall look is more subtle, yet no less elegant.


Hallway as Home Office. The days of having a desk in the kitchen are long gone (thank goodness). However, having a small desk for home-related business or as a home-work station is a nice feature in today's home. This desk area/computer station is built into the entry hall, perfectly located as the main hub of the home. Some proper forethought for mail, keys and backpacks, this quickly becomes grand central and the hardest working area in the home.

Hallway as Inspiration. It's completely chance that both of these pictures involve tree trunks. If your hallway is mostly unused (for any of the previous potential uses), why not turn the whole space into an art installation? These two examples would inspire passers-by at the start and end of everyday to create something beautiful in their lives. Isn't that what interior design is all about?

Have you used your hallway in a really cool way? We at JBi would love to hear about it.

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