Kitchen design is not always about the big, grand kitchen. Not to say that we don't all want that in our own homes (I know I certainly would love it). More often than not, interior designers are working in modest homes with modest budgets and clients who are more reserved in their design tastes. Our responsibility in working for our clients is to take our clients' wish list and make the space the best possible version of itself given the constraints - budgetary, space, materials, client lifestyle. Here's an example for the JASON BALL interiors portfolio of a kitchen I would categorize in the "big changes in a modest kitchen" category. The story is simple. Young family with one young son have realized that their "vintage" kitchen is just about beyond the point of no return. They contacted JASON BALL interiors to start the design process. Our goal was to create a kitchen with a true vintage feeling but with contemporary touches. We focused our attention on the cabinetry style for the vintage part, designing a craftsman style look that was age appropriate for the house. The black granite counters also give us a nice vintage feeling, as if they are soapstone (but more durable for today's lifestyle). Contemporary touches were brought in through the backsplash - a traditional pattern, but with contemporary colors, material and tile sizes.

We also tackled some small structural changes - we moved the doorway into the kitchen from the dining room to allow for a small kitchen table and seating area. We also shifted the door to the back porch about 12" for a better flow through the space and additional cabinetry/storage. The end result of all these changes is a beautiful and functional kitchen perfect for this young family.

Now for the before and after pictures - enjoy the transformation!

before picture of kitchen

Portland interior designers create beautiful vintage inspired kitchen

Eat in kitchen area

Detail picture of backsplash design

Doorway into kitchen replaces other details in house

What are some small changes you'd like to make in your home that will have a great impact on the way your space feels and functions?


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