We've all heard the phrase "it's just paint." Of course, this phrase comes from the idea that it's okay to take a risk with paint since it's relatively easy to change if you're not 100% crazy about it. Well, we here at JASON BALL interiors love wallpaper! There is an endless range of textures, colors, patterns. Some are bold; some are elegantly understated. And, with the incredible advancements in printing technologies, wallpaper can look like just about anything.

So, how does this phrase apply to wallpaper you might ask? Aside from the incredible range in looks, the ease with which wallpaper can be changed is getting easier and easier. And, if you hire a professional wallpaper hanger, it can be a relatively painless operation. These both will hopefully give you the courage to step into the wonderful world of wall coverings!

If you decide to take the plunge, the next question is how do you choose a wallpaper that's just right and you won't get sick of. When I'm first working with a client on wallpaper selection, I ask then questions on what most interests them in different wall coverings. We talk about pattern, color, texture, scale and how these all play together in one wall treatment.

Play with neutrals. The real beauty of working with neutrals in a wall covering is it frees you up to play around with the other elements. Why not change the scale or go for a bolder pattern or play with the sheen. As long as the overall color is in the neutral palette, it will have some additional longevity to it.

Stay on the softer side of color. Like working with neutrals, staying in the soft color tones (but still having some color) would be the next level of daringness. The paper below has a beautiful traditional pattern in a soft pale blue. Taken as a whole in this kitchen/nook space, it brings calmness to the wall within an elegant pattern.

Focus on texture. If pattern or color are too much for you, look at the many different textures available today. Grass clothe, recycled polyester fabrics, bark, etc. are all great ways to make a wall more interesting without going overboard. 

Play with scale. As you get more comfortable with the idea of wallpaper, playing with scale can definitely be a great next step. This gate work pattern is usually much smaller and used in traditional to transitional spaces. In this setting, the scale is pumped up about 5x and used in a cool contemporary space. Being daring with scale is a way to make a big impact.

Go bold! Not everyone will get to this step in the "wallpaper adventuresome" scale. If you do, then this is your chance to really make a bold statement with something as simple as wallpaper. In this space, an old home's architecture is kept in balance with an ultramodern wallpaper all about color and pattern. The resulting space is an interesting juxtaposition of eras and styles.

How bold would you be in your next wallpaper project? Whatever you choose, just remember, it's only wallpaper. So, go out and make a statement!