I was invited by Sub-Zero & Wolf to visit their wold headquarters in Wisconsin a couple of months ago. It worked out perfectly that I was able to wrap that trip into the JBi trip to High Point, NC. Sub-Zero & Wolf invites cabinet makers, interior designers and kitchen designers to come see their products, tour the factories and learn about what sets their products aside from the competition. This particular session was special because they invited top designers and cabinet shops from all over the US to introduce their new product line to be rolled out over the next year. My group was only the second group to see the new products, and they are absolutely amazing!

Quick history lesson. In 1943, Westye Bakke built his first freestanding freezer in his basement. Sub-Zero was founded two years later. In 2000, Sub-Zero purchased Wolf to add cooking appliances to their superior refrigeration systems. Thus began the perfect pairing of Sub-Zero and Wolf. These two brands have become synonymous with cooking and food storage in the luxury appliance market (I'm starting to sound like a commercial!).

What's most important from an interior designer's perspective is the devotion these two brands have to the design community. They focus their product development efforts not only on quality cooking and refrigeration performance, but on products that can easily worked into today's higher end kitchen environments. My time at Sub-Zero & Wolf opened my eyes to the necessity of the kitchens JBi designs to be outfitted with the best.

In touring the two factories, I was impressed by the focus on quality and superior craftsmanship. The use of both robotics and human hands ensures that every unit that completes the line is built to the highest standards. And, no other manufacturer of appliances tests every single unit - yes, you read that correctly, they test every single cooktop, refrigerator, wall oven, etc. That's why they're the best!

Here are pictures of my experience seeing new products and touring the factories.


The group getting some hands-on time with the new products

Transitional cooktop with downdraft

The new pro-style cooktop

Who wouldn't want to see this blue interior every time they opened up their oven?

Wolf's first built-in coffee maker

Nothing better than Wolf's signature red knobs (even though they come in stainless and black)

One of the vignettes in the Living Kitchen

One of two amazing demonstration kitchens

After such an amazing trip and getting first hand insight into why the Sub-Zero and Wolf brands are at the top of the appliance brands, it's clear which brand I'll be recommending from here on out.