I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Anna Solcaniova King, curator of Anka Gallery (ankagallery.com), on an original and unique art installation that might be a first in the Portland area. "The Interior's New Clothes" mixes the two worlds of fashion and interior design. The concept is simple, design the space as if it were a sophisticated loft and use fashion as wearable art to decorate the space. The resulting design is one in which couture and clothing accessories are seamlessly integrated into three room settings - a living room, dining room and bedroom. As a designer, my goal was to create three well-designed room settings in which the wearable art is used in such a way that it causes the viewer to pause and take note of each distinct piece as part of the cohesive whole.

We brought in eight fantastic fashion designers from Portland to provide us with the wearable art: Dayna Pinkham, Emily Ryan, Judee Moonbeam, Staci Stevens, Jeanne Bjorn, Bonnie Meltzer, Julia GaRey, Jennifer Hackett, Kate Troyer, Helen Hiebert. For more information on each designer, visit the press release here

Besides the wearable art designers, we also brought in a select group of local artisans and furniture showrooms to provide the interior settings. Parker Furniture (parker-furniture.com), and Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery (landfairfurniture.com) provided the furniture. Namuh Designs (namuhdesign.com) unveiled their newest line of pendant lights - the tilt pendant along with a show-stopping chandelier in the dining room. Lynn Everett Read of Vitreluxe Glass Works (vitreluxe.com) let us borrow some beautiful goblets for the dining room table, as well as a collection of modern black glass vases. NW Framing Commercial (nwframing.com) provided a large floor mirror and frames to complete the design.

With hundreds of people streaming through the opening event on April 1, it is clear this idea was a smashing success. I'm looking forward to designing shows in the future. Anna and I are already throwing around some ideas of how to make art more accessible and contextual for potential art investors. Enjoy the pictures!

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