In designing a new space, I often look for ways to personalize it for my clients. Interior designers use art as an important way to add personality to any interior environment. During my and my wife's recent trip to Amsterdam, I was inspired to look into the use of large scale art. Our hotel room at the Arthur Frommer Hotel in the canal neighborhood was a mixture of classical elements and modern design. The headboard in our hotel room was a piece of art printed on canvas and upholstered as a headboard. This type of large art creates an immediate modern impact in any space. So, let's investigate different ways to use large art as a design element.

As an interior designer, it's a pleasure to take lessons I've learned from travels abroad and implement them for our clients. In this project, our clients are a young couple expecting their first child (actually children - twin girls). Since their life is about to change in a dramatic way, it was important that we create a romantic and personal master bedroom. We worked with a local muralist to create a mural of the Vietnamese coastline (the wife's homeland) behind the headboard. To really create some drama, we even took the sky up onto the ceiling, adding height to the room and a peaceful environment.

Have you ever thought of using a mural in your home. I would love to hear about it.

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