Lighting is one of the most crucial, and overlooked, design elements in any space. While providing a light source, table or floor lamps, or the occasional chandelier or pendant light plays the more important role of strengthening the overall design scheme of a space. When deciding on the appropriate lighting for any interior design project, we at JASON BALL interiors take into account the various ways in which a space is used (currently or planned), create a lighting plan for those uses and select the appropriate fixtures. We consider not only style, but also light output, flexibility, size and how the fixture will interplay with other design elements in the space. Here are some of our favorites lights from recent JBi projects. chrome table lamp used by interior designer in portland, oregon

multiple light chandelier used by portland, oregon interior designer

portland, oregon interior designer uses custom drum shade in living room

portland, oregon interior designer uses transitional floor lamp in traditional living room


Sometimes we can't find the perfect light for a space. So what do we do? We design one and have it made. JBi worked with local crafts people to create this chandelier and pendant lights for a master bathroom remodel a couple of years ago. Combining cherry wood and glass elements, the lights fit perfectly into the rich and textured tones of the master suite.

Portland, Oregon interior designer uses custom chandelier


So, how are you lighting your space? Do your lights reflect your personal style or desired aesthetic? If not, contact JASON BALL interiors and we'll make sure all design elements work together to create your perfect space. Here's to lighting the way!