For anyone in the interior design world, the lighting world today provides us with so many great options with which to make a real statement in our designs. Lighting can either be functional or decorative, and sometimes both. This blog post focuses not just on decorative lighting, but on the fixtures that make a real statement in a space. Look around your house or apartment. What do the light fixtures say about you? Do they show your sense of adventure or your artistic side? If not, let's remedy he situation and bring some real lighting style to your design. From the JBi perspective, statement lighting are fixtures that are just outside the norm. We're not talking 8-arm chandeliers with little shades or a bowl fixture in the entry. We're talking about fixtures that are sculptural or especially stylistic in some form or another. While standard chandeliers certainly have their place in today's designs, a fixture with a little more "punch" can elevate your design into something special.

When selecting a statement fixture, focus on either color, shape, material or scale, or maybe all four design elements. Here are some examples to get the imagination flowing. More than anything, let the fixture be a true representation of you and your aesthetic.

Interior design by JASON BALL interiors of Portland, Oregon

Room built by SoCal Contractor

Interior design by CWB Architects

Design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Design by Heather Garrett Design

Dining room design by JASON BALL interiors

We hope you get some great ideas from these examples of statement light fixtures. Now it's time to go out and find that perfect fixture for your space.