We all have those colors that either we absolutely detest or we absolutely love (and can't get enough of). And, as interior designers, we get super excited when we get to work with one of our favorite colors. JASON BALL interiors has started working with a client on remodeling their home and refurnishing the majority of the rooms. The beauty of it is that they like the same colors the JBi designers also like - that makes for a fun process for all. In the family room and kitchen, orange will be one of our main colors, combined with greens, wood tones and slate. As we put together the look for our clients, we had to decide on how far we were going to take the color story. Do we go all out and design an "orange" room or do we use it sparingly, as an accent? These are the questions that keep designers up at night. Our final decision was to make it the primary accent color (we'll save what this actually means for another discussion).

It got me thinking. What is the best way in which to incorporate a strong color such as orange into an interior decorating scheme? Here are some tips, tricks and inspiration pictures (all from Houzz.com) to get it just perfect.

Spread the color around the room in small doses. The most obvious and easy way to incorporate a strong color into your space is in small, manageable bits. Placements, art, decorative items on a bookshelf, etc. are great ways to create a color story in a room that's not too overpowering.

interior designers, Portland, Oregon shows how to decorate with orange

Design by Tobey Fairley Interior Design

Use color in larger design elements. For the bolder of us, bringing color into a space in larger, more impactful elements builds a clear color story for the room. In these two rooms, orange is used on some of the main design elements. The first one (charcoal with orange), the over-dyed patchwork rug is combined with the neutral charcoal gray to a real statement. Because the orange is not different from the color of the wood floor, it keeps it from being too strong. In the second picture, a muted orange is used in the drapery and the upholstered dining room chairs. Again, there's nothing insanely over the top about the color or the pattern, but it is evident this room is about the orange.

Design by MR. MITCHELL

using orange in interior design

Be bold and use color as the primary design element. There is something about this room that I absolutely adore. Maybe it's the sheer boldness of the design (I mean, who does an orange grass clothe in the entire room?) or the bright accent colors used throughout. Whatever the reason, I love it! This is a great example of taking your design to the edge and making a real statement. While not too many people will go this far, figure out what would your comfort level and see what happens if you step just outside of it. You might be surprised by the result and really love the design.

Photo by Chris Snook Photography

Photo by Chris Snook Photography - view 2


So what color would you want to really go crazy with? I would love to hear all about it. If you need a little assistance, feel free to give JASON BALL interiors a call.

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