In a world of beige, brown and gray, it's so refreshing when a client really pushes our color boundaries. JBi recently started working with a young family on decorating their home in the Mt. Tabor area. It's a grand home that's been tastefully remodeled. The couple asked JBi to bring in the finishing touches and a new decorative scheme for the main floor. In learning about the Mrs. of the family, I discovered her love of lime green and nothing says "push my boundaries" more than using lime green!

In putting together the design for the home, I really did my homework on how to use this particular color in sophisticated and elegant ways. We so often associated lime green with more juvenile design so I went searching for more grown-up examples of this color in various settings.

Even though this is a kid's room, the use of lime green is still on the more sophisticated side (not juvenile). I love how the color is used in the small alcove as the main color and then brought into the main part of the room in small ways - chairs, pillows, etc.

What says "let's have some fun" more than a punch of color in a great room? This family room/kitchen combination is set of perfectly with the green walls. Mid-century inspired furniture, a collection of white accessories and beautiful lighting make this room one to really enjoy.

There is nothing more JBi than a true clash in styles. Take one gorgeous, vintage inspired kitchen with marble counters, elegant pendant lighting and paint the floors lime green. Talk about truly inspired design? This is certainly one for the books.

In my last example, we take everything up the elegance scale considerably. While not a traditionalist, by any nature, I can certainly appreciate when design is done at this level. A beautiful checkerboard hallway is punctuated with hand-painted silk panels in the dining room creating one of the most elegant combinations I've seen in a while. It just goes to show that this color we all think is so contemporary can be used in any setting.

So, are you daring enough to try this color in your home? I bet you are, but just needed some inspiration to get you started.