This is one of those posts that's incredibly personal to JASON BALL interiors. For starters, we love designing furniture and lighting! It's one of the benefits of being interior designers. Secondly, it's incredibly important for the design community to support local designers, artists, etc. in the furniture and lighting industry. The interior designers at JBi had the privilege of walking through a local furniture & lighting competition called ShowPDX. The event happens every couple of years, bringing furniture and lighting designers together to highlight the best new and innovative concepts. For us, this type of show gives us insight into the next wave of design - new materials, new shapes, new techniques. We might even get some inspiration for our own work. And, isn't that what interior design is all about? Seeing inspiration in everything around us? We have two friends who were part of the event with amazing entries. Joe Gibson of Revolution Design House (RDH) put out an amazing outdoor chair/lounger called The Belmont. I will be commissioning him to make a couple of these for my own backyard. And, Scott Schiesel of Lightlite entered an innovative and creative take on a floor lamp. Here are our other favorite entries of ShowPDX 2012.


As always, it's important for JBi to see and support the talented artisans and designers we have in Portland. Can't wait to see what our community comes up with for the next show.