Traditional/Contemporary Stairs

Stairs are one of those architectural elements in a home that seem to be forgotten or ignored by most builders and architects. This is especially true in suburban homes where stairs are just stairs. However, stairs can play a much more important role in showing off the homes architecture and style. Stairs give us a chance to bring in different materials, hang artwork, showcase large and dramatic light fixtures, etc. Depending on where a stairwell is located in a home, we can also play with the way light moves through the home and from floor to floor. A well placed skylight in a stairwell can be a great way to bring natural light to what otherwise might be a dark area. The challenge when designing a stairs is how to get all the elements to work with one another - balusters, handrail, risers, treads, etc. The stairs below show some interesting design choices. Some of these are ones that I worked on, others are examples I found online. What role do you want your stairs to play in your homes style?

The first set of stairs used to be standard, builder-quality stairs you could find in any suburban home. We remodeled the stairs completely with new treads, risers, balusters, and handrail to a dramatic staircase. Some minor adjustments (like widening the bottom stair and using a larger post at the bottom of the stairs) adds crucial design elements.

Balusters don't have to just be vertical pieces of wood or metal. They come in all shapes and sizes and materials.


Then sometimes you find a stair design that absolutely blows you away. I love the sculptural and architectural nature of these stairs. The architect clearly found it important to show the structure of the stairs. This uses all the elements - glass, wood and metal to create a truly stunning staircase.

Most homeowners don't give a second thought their stairs ~ they're just there. With a little design assistance, stairs can become an important part of the design of a home.

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