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Designing a Kid's Bathroom That Ages With Your Kid

For interior designers, there is nothing more fun that creating a special space just for the kids. We spend hours and thousands of dollars to design fantastic bathrooms for the parents, so why not spend the same energy level on the bathrooms for younger members of the family?

JASON BALL interiors has recently completed a number of projects involving bathrooms designed for children. I think parents are hesitant to design kid-specific bathrooms because they're worried their children will go out of style or might decide they don't like the look in a few years. So, how do you design a bathroom that will either stand the test of time or grow with your child?

Here are the ways in which I design a bathroom that can grow as your kid gets older.

Start with classic elements, layer on the details. Start with the basic design elements like cabinetry, lighting, etc., to create a solid foundation. Cabinetry with simple details, or finished in a classic color or stain color allows you to work with the other design elements to create a fun, playful bathroom. In the bathroom below, we started with a classic inset vanity and solid color counter top, and then paired them with nautical-inspired lighting and mirrors, and a beautiful wood wall for a bathroom fitting for two boys. 

Use wall color in smart ways. In this girl's bathroom, we wanted a room that was young, playful and appropriately girly. The classically-styled vanity with crystal knobs and princess-like mirrors lay the foundation. But, it's the pink wall color that really makes the statement. We didn't want just a nice, pretty pink, but a pink that had presence. And, since it's paint, it can easily be changed if the daughter decides she doesn't like pink in a few years.  


Accent tile is your friend. Many homeowners shy away from using tile that's too specific to a certain look. However, with some thoughtful planning, using an accent tile to create a special look can be switched out down the road fairly easily (by a professional of course). This boy's bathroom is about the playful green wall color and the glass circle tiles in the shower.  If green is no longer a favorite color, change the wall color and change the accent tile. Of course, this takes a little more effort and money, but it's still less expensive than changes out the entire bathroom.


I hope these bathrooms give you inspiration to bring some style to the bathrooms of your youngest family members. I would love to hear your stories too.

ABOUT JASON BALL interiors. Jason is an interior designer based in Portland, Oregon serving residential clients throughout Oregon and Washington and beyond. To see examples of his design work, visit the Portfolio page. For an evaluation of your upcoming projects, contact Jason Ball at (503) 267-2352 or via e-mail at