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Interior Designer Notebook - Designing the Walk-in Closet of Your Dreams

Interior designers get the privilege of helping clients realize their dreams. The team of JASON BALL interiors is currently undertaking the complete reworking of a master suite in the Eastmoreland neighborhood (an old Portland neighborhood). Our primary design objective was to carve out a master bathroom, walk-in closet and master bedroom of what currently is a hall bath, bedroom and office. By moving a couple of walls and expanding our available footprint for the master suite, we were able to create a luxurious space for our client. While the bathroom and bedroom are important to our client, it is really the desire to have a well-appointed and elegant walk-in closet that is driving much of this project. So, the question is what makes up the "walk-in closet of your dreams?" We focused on three primary features - storage, the ritual of getting dressed and elegant details. Storage. This is simple and straightforward. We evaluate our client's current mix of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. and designed a custom closet system to meet the mix (and allow for future growth). We asked the following set of questions. How much space do you need for hanging clothes? How much drawer storage? What about long hanging items (dresses, coats, etc.)? What type of shoes do you have? And, how do you like to store them (in boxes, etc.)? And, how do you like to store your accessories and jewelry?

This closet shows all the right parts - hanging storage (long and short), accessory storage, drawers (large and small) and room for growth.



The Ritual of Dressing. Each of us has a different "getting dressed" routine. Understanding the order in which you get dressed and how you like to put an outfit together will help determine the layout and way in which items are displayed. Our client was very specific on wanting items like scarves, necklaces and purses all easily viewed (not behind any doors or in drawers). This allows her to simply grab coordinating items all at one time and get out the door quickly.



The Elegant Details. Now comes the fun part. We have the structure figured out, the storage needs defined and met, and now we get to turn the shell of a closet into a dressing room. In the Victorian period, this particular room would have been called a boudoir (female) or a cabinet (male), and been part of a suite of rooms directly adjacent to the bedchamber. We should start using this term again - it sounds so fancy! While these rooms were not public rooms, they were certainly given special attention and required the appointments necessary for the master and/or mistress of the house. In today's world, we're less formal, so our master closets take on a different feel. Cabinetry, lighting and furniture all play an important role in creating the luxurious environment.


Our Client's Closet. You can see from the layout that we're not talking a huge space for this closet. However, we were able to fit in all the features and functions she desired. A dressing table with jewelry storage, plenty of storage for clothing, shoes and accessories, and an overall elegant look. Our decorative design elements focus on a more modern elegance with color and "sparkle."

Portland interior designers design walk-in closet

Portland interior designers create beautiful master walk-in closet

So, what would you want your dream closet to look like. Let's hear your wish list.

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