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Making A Statement With Lighting

For anyone in the interior design world, the lighting world today provides us with so many great options with which to make a real statement in our designs. Lighting can either be functional or decorative, and sometimes both. This blog post focuses not just on decorative lighting, but on the fixtures that make a real statement in a space. Look around your house or apartment. What do the light fixtures say about you? Do they show your sense of adventure or your artistic side? If not, let's remedy he situation and bring some real lighting style to your design. From the JBi perspective, statement lighting are fixtures that are just outside the norm. We're not talking 8-arm chandeliers with little shades or a bowl fixture in the entry. We're talking about fixtures that are sculptural or especially stylistic in some form or another. While standard chandeliers certainly have their place in today's designs, a fixture with a little more "punch" can elevate your design into something special.

When selecting a statement fixture, focus on either color, shape, material or scale, or maybe all four design elements. Here are some examples to get the imagination flowing. More than anything, let the fixture be a true representation of you and your aesthetic.

Interior design by JASON BALL interiors of Portland, Oregon

Room built by SoCal Contractor

Interior design by CWB Architects

Design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Design by Heather Garrett Design

Dining room design by JASON BALL interiors

We hope you get some great ideas from these examples of statement light fixtures. Now it's time to go out and find that perfect fixture for your space.



Serving Up Style: Designers Fighting Lupus (The Recap)

Well, the interior designers at JASON BALL interiors and the rest of the design/build team tried hard, but to no avail (this year). However, the 20 design teams put on an absolutely wonderful show this year at Serving Up Style: Designers Fighting Lupus as part of the Fall Home & Garden Show. With over $53,000 raised to help out those afflicted with lupus and to continue the struggle to raise awareness, Molly's Fund definitely won the top prize. While the JBi team would have preferred some type of trophy, being part of this amazing event is enough for us (although I must say that planning has already started for next year!). I was able to walk through the show today free from the stresses of the competition and really look at the rooms. The level of design in this year's competition was amazing! All 20 rooms were well thought out with solid interior design. The rooms shown here were my absolutely favorites for various reasons. It might be some particular wall treatment or the lighting or the general concept. Please NOTE: If you're room isn't included here, it's only because this blog post is about my absolutely favorites. Readers will either agree or disagree with me, but that's what this is all about - showing off our individual talents and different perspectives on interior design.

"Jane + Tarzan's Hollywood Retreat" - Modurne Fine Furnishings + Interiors. The JBi designers love pattern! And, in this case, more is definitely better. Jamie Buckiewicz of Modurne Fine Furnishings knocked it out of the park with this large-scale chevron on the wall and the floor. While not for the faint of heart, it is definitely a way to add pure drama to any space. I could especially see this down a hallway and up the far wall.

Jason Ball Interiors talks about room by Modurne Fine Furnishings

"Dinner at Tiffany's" - urban i.d. Glamor, glamor and more glamor in this incredibly elegant dining space by the team at urban i.d. There is something about this particular shade of blue that we all immediately identify with. Throw in gift boxes, a knock-out of a chandelier and drapery to die for, and this is one superb room. For me, it's all about the color though. It's saturated to a point of being rich - not too green, not too blue - just perfect. And, what's more important is that it's livable. This is one room that would be easy to translate into anyone's home. This room won the Fan Favorite award this year - way to go team!

Dinner at Tiffany's room by urban i.d.

"Lost & Crowned" - Terrance Mason Interiors. Ok, anyone who knows the JBi team knows this really isn't our style. But, there is something about this room that really speaks to me. While clearly old-world (let's call it 16th century chic), it has one particular feature that was a brilliant move - the regal purple lion/crown crests on the walls. These subtle shapes kept this room from being a replica room and brought it immediately into the 21st century. Besides the crests, designer Terrance Mason designed an amazingly intricate and elegant chandelier that really caps this room off nicely, and a dreamy table top display.

Jason Ball Interiors talks about Terrance Mason's room

"La Vie Bohéme" - Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc. This room by the GHID design team is a great example of taking everyday objects (really everyday) and turning them into art in one way or another. Post-It Notes become "wallpaper," modified water bottles become a sparkling chandelier and thousands of yellow legos are turned into wall art. It seems so easy, but only because this team pulled it off so expertly. Side note: This room won the Creativity Award this year, and rightly deserved.

Room by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

"Where does the butterfly go when it rains?" - Interiors by Blackwood. Linda pulled off an amazing feat at this year's Serving Up Style event - she built a castle! Okay, not a complete castle, but enough of one to give the feeling. And, this room is all about feeling. The lighting, the butterflies, the simple "dining" setting all complete the feeling of being in castle ruins during a rainstorm, having a picnic dinner with a loved one.

Interiors by Blackwood's entry into Serving Up Style 2012

"Merry Marry!" - Wendy O'Brien Interiors Planning & Design. The design team for this room did some absolutely amazing work this year around. However, my favorite part of this room is the table scape. It is full without being crowded, theatrical without being over-done and elegant without being gaudy. Plus, it fits the theme of the room perfectly. It would be easy to see this romantic table top as part of any high-society wedding.

Table top by Wendy O'Brien Interiors

"The Fine Art of Dining" - Pangaea Interior Design. Friend and designer, Pangaea, came up with an absolutely stunning and contemporary dining environment for her first time as part of this competition. As an artist herself, she understand the need for and use of color to add drama. While you wouldn't find fuchsia in too many JBi designed rooms, it is the chairs that are of particular interest. Designed by Pangaea and painted in a slightly grayed out fuchsia color, they look to be perfect for a wonderful evening at any dining table.

Jason Ball Interiors talks about room by Pangaea Interior Design


More than anything, this type of competition should give homeowners ideas on ways to bring drama to their own homes. All 20 design teams brought their A games to the competition this year and all to bring awareness to Molly's Fund and the need to awareness and research for lupus. To learn more about lupus, please check out Molly's Fund.

Look for a full recap of the room by the JASON BALL interiors  team later in the week.


About JASON BALL interiors. We are a team of interior designers based in Portland, Oregon serving residential clients throughout Oregon and Washington and beyond. To see examples of our design work, visit the Portfolio page. For an evaluation of your upcoming projects, contact Jason Ball at (503) 267-2352 or via e-mail at We look forward to being your interior design team.



The Powder Room - Small on Space, Big on Style

Powder room by JASON BALL interiors

There is something about designing powder rooms that is so much fun. It's probably the typical diminutive size and the challenge of how to make such a small room feel just right. Interior designers all over have one general rule about powder rooms - cram in as much style as you possible can. We counsel our clients to have fun with their powders room. Go ahead and take a design risk. We shoudl spend more money per square foot than any other room. Historically (we're talking 18th century history), powder rooms were a small closet were one could re-powder your wigs. Of course they have transformed over the years to mean a small half-bath usually reserved for visitors. They tend to be more public than the other bathrooms in the home, thus our desire to make them small treasures of design.

Here are some powder rooms to ignite your imagination.

Porcelain tile which looks like rusted corten steel and a silver wallpaper applied to the ceiling create a powder room replete with texture, color and style.

It's okay to be daring with pattern. This small gatework wallpaper and small tomato red vanity are daring choices. Yet they work beautifully together and greet visitors in style.

A stunning vintage powder room with a graphic woods wallpaper would feel at home in any historic home in Portland's older neighborhoods.

In this powder room designed by JASON BALL interiors, we went all out with the custom elements. The vanity base and mirror were made by a local cabinet maker and the concrete sink came out of California. It has a slightly Asian feel without be over the top.

Even though a powder room is small, go big with pattern for real impact. This silver on black wall paper combined with the highly stylized mirror create a whimsical environment with a serious side.

If wallpaper isn't your thing, bring in some real impact with a show-stopping tile backsplash.

While we wouldn't want to be responsible for the dusting in the powder room, the lighting and ceiling treatments are genius.

Which one of these is your favorite? Personally, I wish JBi had designed the first one. The "rusted" metal tile and white floating vanity feels contemporary without being cold. So, if you could create your dream powder room, what would it look like?

About JASON BALL interiors. We are a team of interior designers based in Portland, Oregon serving residential clients throughout Oregon and Washington and beyond. To see examples of our design work, visit the Portfolio page. For an evaluation of your upcoming projects, contact Jason Ball at (503) 267-2352 or via e-mail at We look forward to being your interior design team.



Lighting Your Space With Style

Lighting is one of the most crucial, and overlooked, design elements in any space. While providing a light source, table or floor lamps, or the occasional chandelier or pendant light plays the more important role of strengthening the overall design scheme of a space. When deciding on the appropriate lighting for any interior design project, we at JASON BALL interiors take into account the various ways in which a space is used (currently or planned), create a lighting plan for those uses and select the appropriate fixtures. We consider not only style, but also light output, flexibility, size and how the fixture will interplay with other design elements in the space. Here are some of our favorites lights from recent JBi projects. chrome table lamp used by interior designer in portland, oregon

multiple light chandelier used by portland, oregon interior designer

portland, oregon interior designer uses custom drum shade in living room

portland, oregon interior designer uses transitional floor lamp in traditional living room


Sometimes we can't find the perfect light for a space. So what do we do? We design one and have it made. JBi worked with local crafts people to create this chandelier and pendant lights for a master bathroom remodel a couple of years ago. Combining cherry wood and glass elements, the lights fit perfectly into the rich and textured tones of the master suite.

Portland, Oregon interior designer uses custom chandelier


So, how are you lighting your space? Do your lights reflect your personal style or desired aesthetic? If not, contact JASON BALL interiors and we'll make sure all design elements work together to create your perfect space. Here's to lighting the way!





Your Room: Creating an Eclectic Look

An eclectic design style incorporates many different styles, eras, regions - think of it as the “kitchen sink” of design styles. What’s beautiful about an eclectic style is that when it’s done right, it can be either incredibly elegant or playful. It's all about balance, color, texture and mixing the correct proportion of all of these in the same room. We were approached by a client who wanted to create a truly eclectic style in her new home. She and her husband purchased a home in one of Portland’s most sought after neighborhoods, replete with tree-lined streets, boulevards, beautiful old homes and an increasingly young and vibrant population. Our client was specific in her design style - she wanted her home to look “collected,” “curated” and “eclectic.”

To begin the design process we looked to different design-related fields to gain inspiration. In our mood board (almost always the start of a great design), you’ll see inspiration from fashion, interiors, our specific locale, global, architecture and even some mid-century elements. Some of our favorite sources for this projects:, (fashion), and local home-related shops.


When the mood (board) is just right, we begin pulling together more concrete ideas as a concept board. The concept board is really about actual pieces, actual layout options, actual design elements. While these may not end up in the room, it’s a good way to help the client visualize some of the eclectic elements we plan on incorporating into the space. For instance, in this project we really wanted to create some interesting moments in the living room with an intimate seating area by a large picture window, as well as mix furniture styles for that collected look. Pictures on the concept board help illustrate these ideas.


With the mood defined and solid representations of our concept, we put our final thoughts down on paper as a space plan. These drawings help define final layout of the room and becomes our shopping list (which furniture, what sizes, etc.). This is also the fun part for the client. They get to really see how their space will be transformed with the new design.


Contact  JASON BALL interiors to get started transforming your space today.