We're doing a little bit of redecorating at our house. It's all pretty simple. Some new drapery in the front room, finishing a wallpaper project started a while ago (okay, years ago...now you know!) and using some carpet squares in various strategic locations. The reason behind this last design task is a little unusual though. Picco, one of our Chihuahuas, seems to be scared of wood floors. He will sit and the edge of a rug or the carpet and now know how to get across the expanse of wood floor to the next safe island.

So, we have know covered most of the pathways in our house with carpet squares. I'm trying to make sure there is some design reason behind the placement so it all looks intentional - still working on that one though. But, this got me pondering the lowly carpet square. Typically 18" square, comes in a multitude of colors, textures and patterns, it's one of the most flexible ways to put down a floor covering. And, because they're squares, it's easy to swap one out later if one gets damaged or stained. And (wow, that's a lot of "ands"), they are pretty durable to boot.

What I really love about carpet squares are the creative ways folks have used them, not just in color and pattern combinations, but in shapes as well. Who says an area rug has to be square or rectangular? It's time to give this simple design device it's fair day in the public eye.

Perfect Kitchen Runner

Notice how the "runner" takes a 90 degree turn to go under the eating area.

Allows for unusual shapes

When the design calls for it, having an area rug perfectly fit the space is a nice option.

Play with color, texture and pattern

Again, because there are so many options, each rug is an unique as you can dream it to be.

So, let your imagination run wild!