In remodeling design, the surfaces are the backbone of solid design. Cabinetry, counter tops, lighting all play an important role, but tile really gives us the ability to do something really special. Whether the kitchen backsplash or floor, or the tile in the master bath shower, tile can be one of the most important details (some designers would probably argue my assertion). Tile gives us the opportunity to bring in color, texture, pattern through the use of different materials and shapes. The sheer number of options available to interior designers is quite inspiring, even to an experienced designer. When working with tile, JASON BALL interiors usually begins with the desired color based on the other design elements in the room. In the bathroom, where nearly every surface is tiled, we start with the accent tiles and then find field tile(s) that coordinate with the accent. Everything else falls in around those details. We treat kitchens a little differently (and every client is also a little different in what they focus on first). We like to start with the color range for the cabinetry, then the backsplash and the counter top last. Again, some designers will argue that I'm doing it all wrong, but my track record is pretty good using this formula.

Probably the best way to show you what we're thinking in terms of the impact tile can make in a room is to show you. So, here goes!

Simple and graphic tile pattern in kitchen remodel

random patterned mosaic used throughout bathroom

Tile used in a NW Portland condo bathroom remodel

Shower tile mixing porcelain marble-look with subway tiles

Accent tile used to define the vanity area

Bubble tiles in a field of subway tiles

Mosaic tile used throughout to call out unique features


We hope these examples of how to use tile to make your space something truly special will inspire you in your future remodel projects.


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