Interior designers love to watch the trends and make sure they are on-point with what's going on in the industry. So, today's entry is all about today's bathroom designs. We not talking about specific colors, metal finishes, etc., but about the broader trends in layout and function. These "trends" have been around for a few years, but it's always good to have a refresher.

In the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, there were some very specific trends that designers are now dealing with (watch out for the entry next week, when we talk about how to convert your 1990s bathroom for today's design trends) - built-in jetted tubs, small showers, carpet in the vanity areas. By the way, I'll never understand this last one. 

Freestanding bathtub. No longer are clients wanting the large, built-in tubs that take more than a water heater's worth of water to fill. Instead, we're moving towards smaller, free-standing soaking tubs. These tubs provide some distinct advantages over their out-of-date cousins. The biggest of these are space and energy conservation.

Large, open showers. Frameless glass, multiple shower heads, luxurious tile all come together to create a truly wonderful showering experience. I've always counseled my clients on the importance of this part of the bathroom. You begin each and everyday here, why not make it the perfect start to your day?

Freestanding bathtub and large shower. Design by JASON BALL  interiors.  Photography by John Valls.

Freestanding bathtub and large shower. Design by JASON BALL interiors. Photography by John Valls.

Multiple shower heads and body sprays. We just finished up a project involving what we're affectionately calling the "human carwash." With a fixed shower head, rain shower, hand shower and three body sprays, all that's required is the user to stand in one place to get completely clean from head to toe. Having all these "systems" provides you with different types of showering experiences. Maybe you just want to feel the water cascade down (rain shower) or you need a good massage on your back (body sprays), having multiple outlets provides that flexibility. The picture below is an "in-progress" photo showing you what's available.


Heated floors to warm toes. I mean, really, who wants to get up out of a warm bed and walk on cold tile? Not I! More and more clients are asking for heated floors to combat the "cold toes in the morning" problem. While a nominal expense, it can make all the difference in creating an inviting environment in which to start your day. Heated floors are accomplished by running an electrified wire or wire mat under the tile. A timer can be installed also to pre-heat your floors prior to your normal waking time. Here's another "during construction" picture showing you what the heating system looks like. In this case, the heated floor runs throughout the main bathroom floor as well as in the shower.


So which of these trends do you want in your bathroom? When you're ready to get started remodeling your bathroom, you know who to call. Until then, happy dreaming!