Portland interior designers create vintage kitchen design

There is an interesting and on-going conversation between clients and their designers about design style. Interior designers, in general, like to put a client's aesthetic into some type of design category. "Would you say you like Craftsman or more rustic?" or "Do you like transitional or more contemporary looks?" and so on. There really is a rhyme and reason to our madness - it gives us direction, a starting place with which to come up with a fantastic design. Understanding all the nuances of each design style would take some time. I found this graphic on Pinterest and thought it would be a good one to share. It's a cheat sheet of sorts - it highlights the big design elements that define each of the main styles. While not a comprehensive list, it at least gets the conversation started. And, as always, very few of us only like one design style. We often surround ourselves with our favorite elements from multiple styles. So, which design style do you like best? Which would you want to live with? And which would you want in your next home? (original post can be found here) interior designers in Portland, Oregon, different elements that make up the main design styles