An eclectic design style incorporates many different styles, eras, regions - think of it as the “kitchen sink” of design styles. What’s beautiful about an eclectic style is that when it’s done right, it can be either incredibly elegant or playful. It's all about balance, color, texture and mixing the correct proportion of all of these in the same room. We were approached by a client who wanted to create a truly eclectic style in her new home. She and her husband purchased a home in one of Portland’s most sought after neighborhoods, replete with tree-lined streets, boulevards, beautiful old homes and an increasingly young and vibrant population. Our client was specific in her design style - she wanted her home to look “collected,” “curated” and “eclectic.”

To begin the design process we looked to different design-related fields to gain inspiration. In our mood board (almost always the start of a great design), you’ll see inspiration from fashion, interiors, our specific locale, global, architecture and even some mid-century elements. Some of our favorite sources for this projects:, (fashion), and local home-related shops.


When the mood (board) is just right, we begin pulling together more concrete ideas as a concept board. The concept board is really about actual pieces, actual layout options, actual design elements. While these may not end up in the room, it’s a good way to help the client visualize some of the eclectic elements we plan on incorporating into the space. For instance, in this project we really wanted to create some interesting moments in the living room with an intimate seating area by a large picture window, as well as mix furniture styles for that collected look. Pictures on the concept board help illustrate these ideas.


With the mood defined and solid representations of our concept, we put our final thoughts down on paper as a space plan. These drawings help define final layout of the room and becomes our shopping list (which furniture, what sizes, etc.). This is also the fun part for the client. They get to really see how their space will be transformed with the new design.


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