The Story

In 2011 and 2012, the design team at JASON BALL interiors participated in Serving Up Style, Designers Fighting Lupus, Portland's premier interior design event/competition. The event brings top designers from the area together to put together dining environments that can be as beautiful or fantastical as the designers want. The beauty of these events is that they really allow the designers to open up their creativity box and see what comes out. For the 2011 event, the JBi team put together a room called Metamorphosis: Raw to Refined, and even won the Creativity Award for their endeavors. The concept was simple - show materials in different forms all within a fantasy dining room blurring the boundaries between the forest beyond and the room in the foreground. The design team worked with local artists and craftspeople to design and build nearly every element of the room just for this event. Creating custom products is one of the hallmarks of a JBi design.

In 2012, JBi pulled together a new team to create and build RetrĂ˜12: Yesterday Once More. Again, the idea was simple - recreate a 1970s dining scene, but with a JBi influence. The team's goal was to reinterpret a vintage room as if the room existed in today's design world. Notice the LCD tv built into a console TV cabinet and the iPod dock in the bar cabinet. Again, all the furniture was custom built for this event. While the team didn't garner any awards for this room, they accomplished the primary goal of creating a contemporary room reminiscent of the 1970s all within a normal everyday breakfast dining scene.

More than anything, JBi believes in giving back to the community around us. Participating in events such as this is a way to support organizations intent on helping others and bringing positive change to their lives.

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