The Story

The interior design of this home is all about subtle textures and colors to create a relaxing, yet sophisticated environment. When the homeowners first approached JASON BALL interiors, they had just purchased this contemporary home in Happy Valley. The home is well-designed with great architectural features and an amazing view of the entire valley and downtown Portland. Having decided to not bring any of their existing furniture into the new home, the homeowners wanted to create a completely new aesthetic for their new home. The interior designers at JASON BALL interiors were tasked with coming up with a new look for a new lifestyle. Shortly after starting the design process, we all found out the homeowners were expecting twin girls. With a little tweaking, the design scheme was able to accommodate this new adventure for our clients.

The overall design goal was to create a family friendly home, but one with a clean, contemporary feel. We focused primarily on the public areas of the home, designing a living room and dining room with enough style to be considered "formal," but also allow for large family gatherings without having to worry about children on the furniture. The corner containing the candle wall and chaise was designed as a special haven for the mother-to-be ~ a place she could call her own and take a few moments to relax away from the hectic-ness taking place in other parts of the home. The dining room, while a formal dining room, takes full advantage of the views and allows for large family gatherings. Our clients can now start their new chapter with style.

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