The Story

A single guy moves from Amsterdam to Portland for his job and decides to make this his permanent home. So, he hunts for the perfect urban bachelor pad, with a view, easy access to restaurants, stores, etc. While the condo was a nice unit, it lacked functional storage and a true sense of style. The design challenge was to create a stylish interior with optimal accessibility and satisfy our client's need for an uncluttered space. All interior design decisions took these three requirements into consideration. To keep a consistent look with the client's existing furniture, JASON BALL interiors designed and had built benches and an entertainment console. All new pieces were designed to be low and keep the view through the space unobstructed. The simple light box over the dining table was designed to meet the same requirement. In the master bathroom, we took out the tub and mismatched tiles, and replaced them with a curb-less shower and custom vanity, again to keep the space feeling open.  Materials were kept simple and focused on the texture they could bring to the interior. See the before & after pictures.

General Contractor: Olson & Jones Construction, Inc.

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